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Design Methods for Insight Gathering.

Why We Use Design Ethnography?

Design Ethnography is a modern approach of the old-fashioned method 'research and analysis'. It is based around personal experience whether that be in the form of an interview, shadow session or directed storytelling etc. There are several other research methods... Continue Reading →


Video Review

So this weeks class we had reviewed each other's videos. I spent the morning doing the finishing touches for my video. I had worked on adding in some music sound effects and creating the extra pieces needed for  my insights.... Continue Reading →

Group Affinity Mapping Task

Affinity Mapping. I literally had no clue what the heck that was until guest speaker Katerina Gorkovenko came into to explain it to us. She described affinity mapping as a research methods to use in a design process. These methods use large pieces... Continue Reading →

Thematic Analysis & Transcript of the Interview.

So we had guest speaker Katerina Gorkovenko come in to talk to us about her experiences with using Thematic Analysis and how we could use this for the data within our transcripts. Using this research method we would be able to... Continue Reading →


I started and finished all the filming I needed to complete my 3 minute video today. I started off by telling Chloe the questions and giving her some time to look over them so she had time to think of... Continue Reading →

Storyboard of Interview

We had been shown a presentation on storyboarding and we had been asked to complete a storyboard in preparation for completing the filming part of our interview. This was an essential step in the run up to our filming. This... Continue Reading →

Experience of Using Directed Storyboard Telling in Design.

We had guest speaker Sara Nevay in today to talk to us about her experience using directed storyboard telling. She spoke to us about two different methods she has used. One being: A blog post from the future, and the... Continue Reading →

Experience of Using Generative Methods in Design.

This was the second week of using different research methods. This time we had to use a process in a way that we could express our feelings and desires. We decided to do this in a drawing technique. We each... Continue Reading →

Question Development For Interview.

Today in class we had to think about what our overall research question was for our interview. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to approach this as I thought we all (as a class) had to find the same... Continue Reading →

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