Today in class we had to think about what our overall research question was for our interview. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to approach this as I thought we all (as a class) had to find the same information as we were all given the same brief.

However, I soon realised after chatting with Finlay and looking through the deliverables that we all had to approach this task with our own take on the statement from the brief. I decided I wanted to focus on university students as a whole instead of homing in on a specific age of student or year. I then thought about what aspects of photography did I want to find out. I didn’t want the aspect of photography to be to deep as I don’t know many first years that are interested in photography and who would be willing to take part in my interview. So I then decided the best thing to do was to open my overall question up to allow me to then home back in on it. I started thinking about photography and I wondered what a student living in student accommodation thought of photography, so from this I decided to home back in on the social aspects of photography and wanted to find out more information around the social aspects of photography from a university students perspective.

“What is the relationship between University students and a camera?”

This is my final overall question. This will hopefully allow me to find out some social aspects of a students life while at university.

I then had to think about my actual questions. We had talked over leading questions and closed/open questions during a talk in class, and I was getting quite confused with this, so I had a chat with Finlay about what kind of questions we had to do which would be based around my overall research question. I started to sketch out some ideas of things I wanted to know.


I started brainstorming about what kind of things I wanted to find out from my interview and then sketched out some questions, that I could possibly develop further and eventually use them in my final interview. I had realised that I was writing leading questions and closed questions (which we were asked not to do). However, I had to start somewhere and I figured the best thing to do was to take 10 questions and develop them into open and non leading questions.


These are the clsoed/leading questions I had started with on the left hand side and the questions on the right hand side are the questions which I had developed into non leading and open questions. From this I then had my final 8 questions.

Research and Interview Questions copy – Link to my final questions.


Now for the final scary part…

Filming the interview itself!