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October 2016

Social Engagement Landmark

So as part of our orientation theme within our Ways of Seeing module we had to come up with a 3D Cardboard Landmark which could encourage social engagement within Dundee. I couldn't believe I'd be working with cardboard again, after... Continue Reading →

Navigating Experience Around Dundee.

We have to come up with a new method which a user could physically use to navigate around a place. After some confusion on what kind of user I wanted to design for I have chosen to design a method which... Continue Reading →

Emotions within a Relationship.

So after a group tutorial with Ewan, I have decided to alter my idea slightly. I have decided to focus my idea on emotions within a relationship, instead of the making of the relationship itself. I plan to do this... Continue Reading →

Creative Map Ideas.

We have to think creatively about maps and how we can make a map our own. The brief in this module asks us to custom design a map of a defined space. The map we decide to design must serve... Continue Reading →

Maps on Pinterest

As I had stated from a previous blog I was going to do some research on Pinterest to give me some inspiration on mapping. I was planning on looking out for 3D maps, as I was excited about the possibility... Continue Reading →

Mapping Research

  As part of our Picture, Symbol, Icon module we have to create a map. It has to be a creative map. First of all, I had to ask myself what a creative map was. What does a creative map... Continue Reading →

Bridge Walk

As part of our new orientation brief for Ways of Seeing, we had to think about how Dundee was connected to the other surrounding towns and cities. As part of this, we were advised to spend time walking over the... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Buggy Project DJ11008

This three-week project on creating a 1:1 scale model of a three wheel baby buggy seemed so unrealistic when we first got the brief, and shown the buggy itself. I just felt so overwhelmed with the project as making physical... Continue Reading →

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