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December 2016

DJ11008 Connectivity Submissions

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Team Presentation for Travellers Paradise

So today was the day where we pitched our concept. I felt prepared for what I was going to say to describe our concept, however nerves got the better of me at the time and I stumbled and didn't say... Continue Reading →

DJ11007 Connectivity Submissions.

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Letters Home Dashboard

I have created the final dashboard design for the letters home concept brief. I am overall really happy with how it has turned out. I have stuck to using 3/4 colours, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning... Continue Reading →

Dashboard Progress

I feel I have been productive with my concept of my letters home dashboard. I have researched different icons on Pinterest and felt that vectorised icons were the kind of icons I wanted to include in my design as I... Continue Reading →

Clued In Magazine.

I am so proud and so pleased with the way this magazine design has been finished. I felt like I have progressed so much with the software and feel much more confident in using InDesign now. I wanted all the... Continue Reading →

DJ11009 Connectivity Submissions

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User Experience of Landmark Journey 3

I really feel I have added my own personal creativity to this journey map. I feel proud of how I have achieved it and the process I went through to actually create it. I have used lots of colour so... Continue Reading →

User Experience of Landmark Journey 2

I had thought a lot about what stages of the journey I wanted to include on my map. I had initially come up with 5 stages however, on reflection of this I had decided I wanted to add in a... Continue Reading →

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