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Team Presentation for Travellers Paradise

So today was the day where we pitched our concept. I felt prepared for what I was going to say to describe our concept, however nerves got the better of me at the time and I stumbled and didn't say... Continue Reading →


So as I said before, we had noticed a small issue with the toilet cubicles. The walls weren't high enough. So we solved this issue by adding a bit more kappa board on the top of each separator, so that... Continue Reading →

Further Development for Travellers Paradise.

Connectivity Model Progression

We've made real progress with our 3D physical model of our Travellers Paradise. The above images are pictures I had taken of our model. We started by cutting out our base for the model. Image 1 (the top left image)... Continue Reading →

Navigational Cube

I have a final design and design method for my navigational cube. I have created a cube which will allow new people - particularly students - to find their way around Dundee and find the best and cheapest places to... Continue Reading →

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