This was the second week of using different research methods. This time we had to use a process in a way that we could express our feelings and desires. We decided to do this in a drawing technique. We each drew out (expressively) our thoughts and feelings from our first day at university. Some were scribbles and some were more structured drawings. I drew some scribbles which didn’t make much sense as thats what I felt like on the first day…I didn’t know what to expect.

I had used drawing techniques to show feelings before, but I have always felt more comfortable creating structured drawings to show my feelings so again I didn’t really know  how to create a scribble effect, sketch kind of drawing to show my emotions. This method was a challenging one for me as like I’ve said I didn’t really know what to expect on the first day of uni but also didn’t really know what to expect from using this method of design. This method is called a projective generative method.

The second way we used generative methods was to create ‘our dream home’. This method is called he constructive generative method. We were given cardboard and 20 minutes to build our idea of our dream home. We designed our home to be quite ‘boxy’ and we never really experimented with the shape of our home…this ended up being awkward for us as we then had so many ideas as to what we wanted but we had already created our box shape. We used paper to add windows and a door to our house. We added a waterfall over the door which would stop flowing once the face recognition system had recognised your face. You’d then be able to enter into the house. I wasn’t a fan of this entrance but as it was a group project I settled with it. To me the idea seemed quite out there and unrealistic but it was a group effort and I was happy to work with it for the team.

I found this method more challenging because it was a group challenge, and we were only given 3 or 4 materials to work with and a 20 minute time scale. I would use the drawing technique again as a way of expressing our feelings, however I am unsure if I would use the cardboard modelling method.