So back to our project ‘Making Spaces’. We’ve made progress and good progress. We’ve come up with a name for our design: Travellers Paradise.

We had a group tutorial with Martin last week. Unfortunately I was off ill for this, however, I’ve had a great update from the rest of my team and they really filled me in on the information which I had missed.

One thing that came back from the group tutorial with Martin was that we had restricted ourselves to only creating a space for four people. We hadn’t really thought of a good reason why we only decided to create a space for four people. Martin had pointed out that it would be a challenge to get the four people to socially engage with each other as it’s easier to engage with people in bigger groups. So the outcome of this discussion is that we are now going to create a four story high house which will hold sixteen people. Each floor will hold four bedroom – suitable for four people – and each floor will be identical in design but each floor will have a different style. There will be a glass elevator to allow for people from each floor to travel to a different floor and create social engagement with other people staying in the house at the same time.

The design in itself hasn’t changed much, apart from the added elevator. This shows how we’ve taken our initial concept and developed it further. Now we have to continue to work on the 3d physical model. We have decided not to make a model of each level. But instead we are going to create a model of one level as each level will be identical in design. Things that will differentiate each level will be the style, colour, the digital engagements will be slightly different on each level too.

I’m looking forward to building the model and working as a team to do so.