I took part in the Free Art Friday Movement last Friday and I had a lot of fun doing so. I created a painting of a face with lots of collaged colour through to try and hide the identity of the face. I thought this would be a great idea as I feel that the identity of Dundee is changing and in some ways is (at the moment) being hidden from it’s real identity which will come to be more obvious within the next few years. I wanted my free art to represent Dundee and what that meant to me. I used lots of colour in my design as I feel the future of Dundee is bright and has lots of potential.


This is an image I had taken of my #FreeArt once I had added in the note on the back and made it waterproof by adding it to a sealed polly pocket. I decided to leave it in a busy part of Dundee so that I knew someone would find it. So I decided to leave it on a bench in the City Square outside the Overgate Shopping Centre.

And I was right, within twenty minutes of leaving it there I had received an Instagram notification from someone that had found my free art. I was so happy and excited that someone had found it. It gave me a bit more confidence in showing off my art and creative skills. It is definitely something I’d want to do again in the future.