We had guest speaker Sara Nevay in today to talk to us about her experience using directed storyboard telling. She spoke to us about two different methods she has used. One being: A blog post from the future, and the other being a story-wave. I personally preferred the story-wave way of directed storyboarding. I think because it was visually more appealing than the blog post from the future, it helped my brain be more focused on the actual project. We had to tell a story through the form of a wave line and we had to use post-it notes to show the certain stages through this (the beginning, the middle, the end and all the bits in between). We could use visual illustrations to interact more with the wave.

We were given four characters to use in the story wave and this created a user story-wave. We were given ‘Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Theresa May and Kanye West’ We had to create a story using all of those people and what their personalities are like. We started off by placing our characters out onto our sheet, and then we came up with a design.


The first stage of our user story wave. 

I think I would like to use this method if I ever have to show a design interaction I have with someone. I would be able to show off all of the key points and show whether they were good key points or bad key points. We then had to come up with a story for our characters, we based our story around the Obama’s taking a holiday with the Kardashian-West’s. They were all relaxed and enjoying themselves, until Theresa May and Donald Trump turned up. The caused a bit of chaos and turned the holiday into something else which was not enjoyable at all. This story was able to show good, high points of them enjoying their holiday with friends and then also the bad low points of the holiday when Donald Trump turned up.

This is the user story wave with some post-it notes explaining our story. 

We then added in our ‘wave line’ and this created more depth into our story wave.

Our nearly completed story-wave. 

At this point we as a group should have added in more illustrations. So I think I would use this method again but I would work on making it more illustrative and exciting rather than quite simple. We were meant to have shown some emotion through our wave however, we did not do this, so this is something I would work towards when completing another story-wave.

The final Story Wave.