You’re probably thinking, four random objects. What could they possibly have in common?

Well I can tell you, they all have a lot in common. They were all designed by someone, and the each hold a story. They might all have things in common as the four objects, but as I found out from class, at least two objects have something in common.

As part of our Picture, Symbol, Icon module yesterday we had to use four random objects and think about what the represent, and photograph them in different ways, to help our creative juices flow. We had to look past what they actually were and what they were actually used for. I started off this class very intrigued about what kind of things I would think about, and where my four random objects would lead me…

The past assignments we’ve done on this module we’ve sketched out ideas from our chosen word or phrase. This time we were doing the opposite. We had to create a phrase using our objects and sketch from that. I found this process much easier than the previous way of coming up with ideas. This seemed much more practical and focused. I felt this really got my brain working.

I started with the clock. I began to think about the use of a clock and what people would normally associate with a clock. Time. This lead me onto thinking about a clock as a journey. Time keeps going and going on a clock, the journey doesn’t stop (unless the battery does).

I then moved onto the battery I had. I began thinking about if the battery could have a journey as well, as I had to find common ground between the objects. I was thinking about a battery and how it only lasts so long before it runs out. That was it.

A journey was the common ground between the two. The battery only lasts so long but the clock, it could go on forever (assuming you replace the battery) Oh look. Battery running out in the clock. My mind and thoughts went flying. I was thinking about how the two look together, so I started arranging the two and photographing them to see if this would bring anymore thoughts to a head.img_2375

I was thinking of the two of these objects on a journey through someone’s life. The battery can only last the length of the energy inside. A bit like a human body. The clock however, will keep ticking away for as long as it wants to. The clock battery can be replaced but someone’s life and the energy inside the battery cannot be replaced. These two objects compliment each other in more ways than one.

Lifetime. This was my chosen word to connect the two objects together. I started sketching out some ideas on what they both represented  and then moved onto my next idea. img_2433

I started thinking about the padlock and how I could incorporate that with the clock. The padlock is something which stores something away and prevents it from being used.

Time stands still.

This was a minimalistic idea I was really excited about so I photographed it, and sketched out some ideas.

I wanted to lock the time in place. So I photographed the two objects locked together. This showed the point of the two objects linking and connecting together. I am really excited about this idea and I will definitely be taking this further and developing it. I wanted to show the padlock locking the clock and time in place. I started sketching out further ideas about the two objects.

I then moved onto photographing other objects and wanted to see where that lead me..