I have been researching the Spanish/Italian interior designer – Patricia Urquiola – as part of our Pecha Kucha project. We have to do a presentation or performance on one of our Design Heroes. I have chosen Patricia as I am so interested in her designs and how she became the designer that she is in today. Despite the fact she is Spanish, she transferred her studies to Milan, Italy and now many years after graduating her designs are now very Italian themed.



Urquiola studied architecture in Madrid and then transferred to Milan in Italy. Once she graduated from The University of Architecture Milan Polytechnic she started to collaborate with Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti. She was mentored by the two at her time in university and progressed from that. Her work with Castiglioni and Magistretti has focused her work towards an Italian background which has made her feel more Milanese in her work rather than Spanish where she is originally from. This really interests me as most designers work from their roots and where they’ve come from. However Urquiola is not like that.

She has designed some furniture, and some of this contains chair design. One style she used when creating the chair was a weaving style. She used bright colours (another trade of hers) in the form of plastic weaving material and created the chair. It is a simple design to anyone but the design goes back to Italian design from years before her.


The image above is taken from google images.

I love the colours which Patricia uses in her designs, whether that is in coloured glass, reflecting off light or in the form above. I am excited to see what techniques I will use within my Pecha Kucha presentation.