We’ve made real progress with our 3D physical model of our Travellers Paradise.

The above images are pictures I had taken of our model.

We started by cutting out our base for the model. Image 1 (the top left image) shows how we used the Kappa Board to create a strong base. We cut out the shape of the floor plan and then had something we could build on. We then continued on by creating the foldable walls for our concept (Image 2, top left). We thought that paper would be the best material to use for this, as it is easy to fold and manipulate in the exact way we want it. It will also be great for sticking down onto our model. We then decided to move onto creating the beds and small beside tables for each room. (image 3&4, the bottom two images). Cardboard was used to create this look, as we wanted the beds and beside tables to have a sturdy look to them, as these pieces of furniture has to be durable.


The image above is a picture I had taken of our model at a specific development.

The process of making our model was easier than I had expected as we as a group are all wanting to do well, and make it as good as we know we can make it. This makes such a difference to the work ethic within our team. We all know what we have to do and we all want to achieve this.

We had had some discussions about adding other texture and colours to our model. We had thought about what kind of textures we could add, and we thought of adding felt as bedsheets and pillows, this would emphasise the fact that the objects are actually beds and tables.

The two images above show how we added felt to the beds within the bedrooms.

I really like the felt we used, as I feel the colours are quite muted so don’t really stand out as much as the neon felt did. I feel this is a good look for our model to have, as it brightens the model up. However, I think in future I would maybe try another material to make the beds with in the first place. I feel the grey card would have been better to make the beds with as it would have looked tidier, but I am really happy with the way that the beds look now.

Now on to the next part of the model. The middle interior section.

This will be a challenge for us I think, as it involves lots of fiddly parts, including the glass elevator. I think we plan to use acetate for this but I am not 100% sure.

This will be interesting for us to try and achieve.