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November 2016

Storyboard of Landmark Journey 1

Storyboards. From never completing a storyboard before to then completing a full storyboard which tells the journey of my groups landmark journey is quite something for me. I feel I am a fast learner which is why it did not... Continue Reading →


Play on words

I have decided I want to play on the word Letters within the dashboard design. I started writing down somethings which link with the word 'letters'. What things do you associate with the word? A letter to someone, an address,... Continue Reading →

Dashboard Research

Dashboards... What on earth do we have to create? Why do we have to create it? I am so confused by the process of creating a dashboard and what has to be included in it. We've just had a group... Continue Reading →

Black and White Storyboard Sketching

So I had realised I wanted to use sketching in black fine line pen as the style to carry out throughout my storyboard, and all I had to do was think of the process I was going to use. I... Continue Reading →

Storyboard Research

I have never really used storyboards before or been that interested in them before, so this project is like starting from new for me. So I figured the best starting place would be to do some research on google and... Continue Reading →

T Shapes

So I have progressed further in my Letters Home project, and I am really pleased with how I've come along with the idea. As I stated previously I wanted to cut out pieces of paper and photographing them coming together... Continue Reading →

Broken Lettering Designs

So I have decided I wanted to create a broken letter T for my gif and I have since them come up with a way to create this visually. First of all I have created a few concept plans on... Continue Reading →

Letter T Research

So I have decided to use the letter T as the letter to animate in my GIF. I have done some research on different styles of writing and typography of the letter T. I wanted to do this as I... Continue Reading →

Typography GIF

Where do I start? I started looking on Pinterest at different styles of typography and how I could create a GIF from that. I then started to do some sketches of different styles I liked. I have some ideas... Continue Reading →

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