What? How? Why? 

What do we actually have to do? How do we do it? But why are we doing it?

Finlay, our new module leader gave us our brief for this module. We were asked to go through it and figure out what we were being asked to do and to re-write the brief in our own words. I guess this was so that we all had a very clear understanding of what the brief and project(s) was about. After looking through the brief and applying the what, how and why methods throughout I had come to writing my own take on the brief.

“Create a portfolio which shows your design research process on how first year students use photography. Use blogging,  video creations, interviews, reflective writing skills and presentation(s) to research the relationship of photography and students.” 

The above quote is my interpretation of the given brief. I feel very comfortable with this brief so far, and feel quite positive about getting the work done. I think this is something which I’ve grown in as when I started semester 1 back in September 2016, I felt very unsure of what I had to do but also the work I was creating. Now I feel after 4 months at university, and a months break over Christmas, I feel very relaxed about settling into this module and creating coursework. I feel that research is something I am interested in and like looking into the depths of where things come from, so I feel that this module will be right up my street and I am really excited to see what path I go down in order to create my final outcomes.