On a walk around Dundee last week, these are some photographs I took. I had taken these photographs as I feel they are some of the things which represent Dundee.

The discovery ship has been in Dundee and been a part of Dundee for as long as I can remember. Living close to the city and visiting the city often while growing up I know that the ship has had a major involvement in schools in the surrounding areas.

The Tay Bridge is a massive way to identity Dundee. Again I feel this piece of history has identified Dundee, since it was built and then re-built after the disaster which occurred in the December of 1879.  I feel this bridge is a great link between what Dundee looked like and identified as many many years ago, to what identifies Dundee today in 2016. As the bridge is a historical part of Dundee, but also how in 2016, there is a regeneration of the waterfront, which will take the history of the Tay Bridge and the appearance of Dundee further and into modern times.

This leads me on to the build of the new V&A Museum. Not only Dundee’s, but Scotland’s first design museum! This is a fantastic way to identify Dundee today. The development down at the waterfront has been on going since 2009, when it was first announced that Dundee will hold the V&A museum. The new build down at the waterfront is so exciting for Dundee. I am excited to hear back from the people of Dundee on their opinions of the new museum and how they think it will effect the city.

I am enjoying this project, as we get to be creative with our learning and sketching of Dundee. I plan to look into the population of Dundee from many years ago and compare to what the population of Dundee is now. I am very enthusiastic about this information being in my research and blogs about Dundee, as I feel it is an important part of what identifies Dundee.

I will continue to post blogs containing pictures and sketches of my research about Dundee. We have also been given Brief 2 on “Dundee’s Changing Identity” so I will be uploading the task for that very soon. I am excited about where this project will lead me and what information I will find out about Dundee, as I know there are things about Dundee I didn’t know, despite the fact I have been brought up in the surrounding areas.