So this weeks class we had reviewed each other’s videos. I spent the morning doing the finishing touches for my video. I had worked on adding in some music sound effects and creating the extra pieces needed for  my insights.

This was a challenge to be honest as Chloe (who I had interviewed) was speaking quite quietly at some points, so adjusting the volume proved to be more difficult than it first seemed. However, once I had remembered the right way to split the volume up I was able to change the volume of Chloe’s voice to be more prominent at certain points, but keep the volume at a maintained audible sound at other parts.

Once I had finished this, I then moved on to adding in the extra pieces of information needed for my insights. I was focusing on how students use photography while at university. Whether that be in their studies, social events/backgrounds, or using photography on social media while at university. The insights I found were:

  1. Photography allows people to take an individualistic approach to storing their time at University. 

This was focusing on what way a university student looks at Photography and how they use it in their own way while at university. 

2. Photography allows people to emotionally connect with their family through social media while they are university. 

This insight was based around the information Chloe had given me about being close to her family and how most students upload images to Facebook to keep in touch with family. This doesn’t focus on their studies at University, but it focuses on the emotions of leaving home a student carries while at university. 

3. Educational maturity comes with moving to University t study. 

I had found this insight through the fact that Chloe had mentioned about not being able to use photography in her studies because of the danger risks that would come with on her course of being in the labs next to chemicals. It is unsuitable for her to do so, so a sense of maturity has grown in university students as they realise the risks and take the mature high ground to obey the rule of not using phones in the labs. 

4. Social Capital plays a big part of a students life at university. 

I feel that this is big insight as it is so broad. In saying that, I think this is true. From what Chloe said a university students social media life is based around popularity and how they use that to create a new sense of confidence within themselves. This shows signs of social capital. A student will look to social media accounts to boost their own confidence by posting ‘selfies’ which get likes, and the more likes they get, the bigger boost in confidence they get. 

5. People create a nostalgic connection with taking photographs at University as it creates memories which last forever. 

I feel this is an emotional insight as it talks about memories and what a memory can mean to a person not just a student. Chloe had said that photographing something creates a memory which is nice for people to look back on years later and remember the memory within the photograph. Timehop is a mobile phone app which can connect with a persons social media profile and their own mobile device, it holds memories from your social media accounts and allows the user to look back on these. I felt this was a great thing for a student as students meet so many people while at university and most likely add them as a friend on Facebook. 

I am pleased with the work I have put into this video and project and feel I have made a real effort to make it good, so I was pleased with the feedback I got in the review session.