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User Experience of Landmark Journey 3

I really feel I have added my own personal creativity to this journey map. I feel proud of how I have achieved it and the process I went through to actually create it. I have used lots of colour so... Continue Reading →

User Experience of Landmark Journey 2

I had thought a lot about what stages of the journey I wanted to include on my map. I had initially come up with 5 stages however, on reflection of this I had decided I wanted to add in a... Continue Reading →

User Experience of Landmark Journey 1

I have come up with a final design of what my journey map will look like. This is pictured below. I went with a curvy and flowing style. The style I have gone with allows me to create the journey... Continue Reading →

Journey Map Sketches

So I have experimented with some designs of various journey maps I have looked into. I saw some which resembled graphs:   However, I didn't like this style of journey map, so I decided to focus on more curvy journey... Continue Reading →

Journey Maps

Journey maps. I have no clue what they are. Pinterest. I feel I can always go to Pinterest to do research on things I'm not sure about. I have done this as part of my research for Journey Maps as... Continue Reading →

Storyboard of Landmark Journey 3

The 5th board on my storyboard is a sketch of our windmill landmark down at the discovery point, right in front of the building with the road behind. We also discovered while we were down at discovery that there is... Continue Reading →

Storyboard of Landmark Journey 1

Storyboards. From never completing a storyboard before to then completing a full storyboard which tells the journey of my groups landmark journey is quite something for me. I feel I am a fast learner which is why it did not... Continue Reading →

Black and White Storyboard Sketching

So I had realised I wanted to use sketching in black fine line pen as the style to carry out throughout my storyboard, and all I had to do was think of the process I was going to use. I... Continue Reading →

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