I started and finished all the filming I needed to complete my 3 minute video today.

I started off by telling Chloe the questions and giving her some time to look over them so she had time to think of some answers  she would give me when I started filming. She wanted to consider some different answers so we spent a good 15 minutes talking about some answers she would give me. I think this made Chloe feel more calm about the filming process, however she felt a little anxious about remembering what answers she had already given me.

I had assured Chloe that we could take lots of takes and there was no pressure into ‘getting it right’ the first time round. However, once we had my camera and tripod set up we started filming Chloe answering my questions. I sat to the back right side of the camera so that Chloe could answer my questions from a side view but looking in the direction of the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.43.36

I filmed Chloe in this position for the majority of the film and I feel the rule of thirds applies to this shot and I like this because it adds depth to my film. I then filmed Chloe answering the same question but from a different part of the room, this side focusing on the angle of view from the left side, not the right. I think this adds more depth to my film as I focus on the left side of the rule of thirds, keeping the rule of thirds a consistent view through all of my film process.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.47.57

I love this still shot of Chloe as it looks like she is focused on my from the left side of the camera but I am focusing the camera on the left side of her body so it looks as if she is facing off the screen and focusing on something different, when I am just sticking to the rule of thirds, from a different angle as to the one I shot before. 

The next part of the filming was slightly more tricky as I had to think of background noise as I was going to be filming outside. I wondered about getting a microphone for Chloe to use, but I decided against this as it was difficult to get a hold of one and I didn’t know if Chloe holding a microphone would look aesthetically pleasing. I think the microphone would have looked a little out of place. I had decided we would just film Chloe the same way we had done before hand and I would alter the volume at a later date. So this is what we done. We headed out to Broughty Ferry Beach to film Chloe. She had mentioned that she liked taking photos on Three – where she is from – because it reminds her of home, but because the beaches are wonderful there, so I tried to consider this when arranging another destination to film in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.57.06

I decided to try and use zoom edits while filming at the beach to try and make the viewer realise the water link with Chloe’s answers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 17.03.18

I hope making this change in view makes the viewer realise the link between her answer and background. I want to try and make this change really exciting within my film, so I will try to add in a blending transition between the two scenes.

I plan to now go ahead and create the transcript of my interview, as I have now collected all of my footage and will be able to edit all of the dodgy bits out and make it really clear and precise to the questions I was asking.