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September 2016

Infographic on The Identity of Dundee.

So I started off researching what an infographic was. As up until we were given this brief, I had never even heard of them. I googled what they were, and I also created a Pinterest board on infographics, so I... Continue Reading →


Sketching around Dundee

Well no guessing on what this post will be about. Sketching. In Dundee. I had time in class to go out into the city and really find out what kind of city we were studying in. I was so excited,... Continue Reading →

Yet another brief.

Today in Picture, Symbol, Icon we we were given yet another brief. This brief - funnily enough - links to identity. I can see myself looking out for different forms of identity in all of the different briefs. I actually... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Posters

Back to our Picture, Symbol, Icon module I decided to take some ideas further and photograph them as part of an assignment from Ewan. We had to look at objects in a different way and photograph them in a minimalist... Continue Reading →

Dundee’s Identity from the view of a Dundonian.

As I said in a previous blog about Dundee, I would create a questionnaire to take to the people of Dundee to identify how they saw Dundee ten+ years ago and how they see Dundee today. I have had several... Continue Reading →

Dundee in pictures

On a walk around Dundee last week, these are some photographs I took. I had taken these photographs as I feel they are some of the things which represent Dundee. The discovery ship has been in Dundee and been a part... Continue Reading →

Water and Cardboard

More about our buggy making. My group had spent some time trying to create cubed tubes which would represent the poles and the frame work for our buggy. We were measuring our lines for the four walls of our tubes... Continue Reading →

Working with Cardboard

So in our Ways of Making module yesterday, we were told we'd be working with cardboard, so I assumed we'd have to do a similar project to the one we done using the clay..A nice, small, fun project. Oh was... Continue Reading →

More Random Object Photography

These are all photographs I had taken in class yesterday. Again we had to show how different everyday random objects can link together and tell a story when placed together. We had to think about their identity. Oh look. Identity.... Continue Reading →

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