This three-week project on creating a 1:1 scale model of a three wheel baby buggy seemed so unrealistic when we first got the brief, and shown the buggy itself. I just felt so overwhelmed with the project as making physical models is not a strong point for me. The idea of creating the buggy to the scale 1:1 really scared me, however, once I discovered it was going to be a team project to deconstruct the shape and build our own I felt more calm.

We decided to go through the list of parts that we would need to build, including the frame, the seat, the handle, the footrest and the wheels. We felt as a team this was a good starting place, we all felt on the same page and knew what our plan of action was. We decided to work as a team and work together on building the frame by creating cubed tubes to represent the poles. As this was the design method we had chosen, we had always known our model buggy would look unique in its design as the actual buggy had rounded poles and flowing joints. We know the flowing joints was not going go to be possible in our design.img_2450

The frame for our buggy was slowly coming together. We used water to make the cardboard more bendable so it would allow us to create the tubes more easily. This was something new I had learned from one of the workshop technicians, so I plan to retain this  new  piece of knowledge and use it in any future work I do with cardboard. We then started to put the frame together by creating small walls to fit inside the tubes to hold it in place, once we had added the masking tape and glue. I had learned from this that masking tape is not as strong as I had once thought. The tubes felt like they were always falling apart so we started to use glue to hold the shape, this worked quite well, with the weak help of the masking tape.  I feel I would maybe change our process in the future, as I feel on completion of the buggy, we chose quite an awkward way to create the buggy, so I feel with more time, materials we would have been able to create an easier solution to the creation of the model.

I personally never had much involvement in creating the wheels until the very end, when we had to use each other to hold them in place until the glue had dried. Our team separated off and we started to create the different elements separately, which was a good idea, however the communication within our team at this stage was weak, as we were guessing what each other were doing up until the last day when we felt overwhelmed with what we had left to do. If we were to do this project again in the same team, I would try to encourage the other team members to get involved more and communicate what they were feeling and working on more, as well as tell myself this.

It was a challenge for me to work with the cardboard. Cardboard is something I have never worked with before. I have never felt confident in model making anyway, so I feel proud that as a team we got it finished on time, as I felt least confident in what I was doing throughout the process. Model making is not one of my strengths so I was glad that some team members were helpful in helping with certain pieces I was working on in the last day.

I feel I worked well in the team I was in, I felt I communicated as best I could with the other members of my team. I feel I could have tried to be more encouraging towards the work other team members were working, instead of being so focused on the piece I was creating. I think if I had been more encouraging, I would have get more encouraged from them in the work I was doing, however this was something I struggled with, as model making is not a strength in my skill set. Because of this I sometimes felt very challenged within my team, as I felt under more pressure to ‘get it right’. The three of us that were left in the afternoon of the final day started to work better together and felt we accomplished more because of this.

In contribution to the brief I feel we have delivered well.

The brief asked us to “de-construct the shape and form of the supplied baby buggy and create a one to one scale representative model in cardboard.”

I feel this is exactly what we have done. We as a team created a baby buggy, to the scale one to one in comparison to the supplied baby buggy, and we created it using cardboard. The buggy has some things which could be better and I feel if we were given more time and a wider range of materials then our buggy would look and physically work a lot better than it does. This being said, I feel that we have delivered well. One thing I would have liked to have more time to do, is work on the presentation of our buggy. There is a lot of masking tape clearly visible and I feel that if we were given more time we could have used glue to strengthen some parts and then hopefully not have needed as much tape, but I am proud of what we created.

Our buggy stands on its own, it looks like a representation of the baby buggy we were given, it rolls along the ground (if you push it delicately), and it is made of cardboard. And that to me is the main thing.