We had been shown a presentation on storyboarding and we had been asked to complete a storyboard in preparation for completing the filming part of our interview. This was an essential step in the run up to our filming. This was going to set our interview in stone and help prepare us for how we want our interview to run.

We had to think of camera angles, zooms and several other essential pieces of information and planning we had to consider. This all had to be sketched in our storyboards.

Storyboard of Interview

This was my final storyboard, showcasing how I wanted to my interview to run. It involves a couple of scenery changes, which will involve more planning. This however would not be a massive problem for me as I have my car so I will be able to travel to the different destinations with no problems. I just have to think about the camera angles I will use and creating this storyboard will help me with that, as I have already planned out what I want to do.

I also plan to focus on the backgrounds within my filming, I have considered lighting and clarity and I feel the best place for me to do this, is to film part of my film in the studio and use different areas within the studio to create a difference within my filming.

The sketching within my storyboard is nothing too artistic as I didn’t want my sketches to be the main focal point of my storyboard. I wanted the content to be the focal point within my storyboard as I wanted to show a clear plan of what I want to achieve with the initial filming of the interview. I plan to share this storyboard with Chloe (who I am interviewing) so that she is aware of the scene changes I plan on making as well, this way we will both be prepared for the next steps.

Now I plan to go ahead and start the filming process.