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January 2017

My Finding of a Creative Commons Photograph.

I have found the above image on Google. Advancing the research to labeled for reuse. Credit: Aurora image from Keller, Washington | by NASA Goddard Photo and Video image


Breaking Down Our New Brief.

What? How? Why?  What do we actually have to do? How do we do it? But why are we doing it? Finlay, our new module leader gave us our brief for this module. We were asked to go through it and... Continue Reading →

Online Identity & Performance of Self

Dr Wendy Moncur came in to talk to us all about what our lives were like online and how that effects us and will effect those in years to come. Wendy works as a lead researcher within the university research group... Continue Reading →

Community Design Sprint Final Idea

By day two of the design sprint we had, had time to think and process our ideas and were able to come back in on the Tuesday morning feeling refreshed and ready to make our project brilliant. We really wanted... Continue Reading →

Community Design Sprint in Semester 2.

What a welcome back to Semester 2 we had. We were split into groups with 2nd and 3rd years from Social Digital to follow a brief called Traverse. I was quite anxious about this as I didn't really know any... Continue Reading →

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