These are all photographs I had taken in class yesterday. Again we had to show how different everyday random objects can link together and tell a story when placed together. We had to think about their identity. Oh look. Identity. I keep mentioning that word in my blogs. Identity is a main focus point for us in our projects this semester and I’ve looked at identity differently because of this.

These were all objects brought in my either myself, or from people in my reading group. What I loved about this activity in class, was the fact we were able to talk to our friends around the class about what we were thinking and where we wanted to go with the objects, we had the opportunity to borrow their objects to photograph with some of our objects, so that we were able to create more exciting photographs and ideas for posters. This was such a great way of getting to know each other and getting to know their way of thinking and creativity. I really enjoyed this assignment and hope we do more like this.

Some of the ideas I had come up with include:

bottling things up,

hiding feelings,

evolution of technology,

lock away feelings and

gripping on with all we’ve got.

I’ll leave you to figure out what phrase idea goes with what picture from above..

I think this is a brilliant way of coming up with ideas, and I really hope I will do this kind of process in creativity again. I feel this way of thinking is great for me and it really get you motivated into what you are meant to be doing and creating.