Where do I start?

I started looking on Pinterest at different styles of typography and how I could create a GIF from that.

I then started to do some sketches of different styles I liked. I have some ideas in my head of some designs that would work using colour flashing and turning shapes to create the final letter shape.


The above pictures are sketches I have done in my sketchbook.

I have narrowed down my decision as to what letters I am going to use. I will either use the letter ‘T’ or ‘H’. I have thought of some designs which I feel, if I can get the software to co-operate, will work very well.


The above image is sketches of some lettering I had sketched out in my sketchbook.

I feel I could make the letter T, using cut out pieces of coloured paper which are different shapes, and once formed together they would form the shape of the letter T.

My other idea was to digitally form the letter H. I would use different colours to flash in the shape of the letter H in a repeated form.

I think I prefer my idea of the transforming T. I wanted to try and do this digitally on Photoshop, however this has proven to be more difficult than I had anticipated. So I plan to still use photoshop to create the GIF but I will be taking photographs of cut out shapes which will eventually form a T shape.

I now plan to go ahead and look at colours and different ways of forming the letter T.