I have decided I want to play on the word Letters within the dashboard design. I started writing down somethings which link with the word ‘letters’. What things do you associate with the word?

A letter to someone, an address, a stamp, a postbox, an envelope, the alphabet?

I was trying to think of ways I could incorporate any of those things into the word ‘letters’.

I was sketching out lots of ideas using the stamps and envelopes.

The above images are sketches I had done to show some of my ideas playing on the word letters.

I had eventually thought about using a postbox as the letter L of letters. I done this idea on illustrator.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 13.57.58.png

I really like this idea of using the postbox as the L in the word letters.

Letters go into a postbox to be delivered and in this case the postbox has gone into the letter in regards to the typography of the word. I had thought of just using three colours within my dashboard design, and using the red and black of the postbox and the white background. I will go with the idea of using the illustrator software to create the dashboard but I will also use the colour theme of red, black and white. I am really looking forward to creating icons for the four content areas. This is what I plan to do next.