I have never really used storyboards before or been that interested in them before, so this project is like starting from new for me. So I figured the best starting place would be to do some research on google and Pinterest. This way I can save images from google and save pins on Pinterest and go back and look at them every so often for inspiration and style.

Through my research on google I have noticed that a storyboard is a graphic organiser, which used illustrations or images in a sequence to show a walk through of an event or events. This can either be through feelings or emotions or actual events through a time if your life.

There are many different styles of storyboards which I have found, however I have noticed that most storyboards tend to be quite sketchy and in black pen. I feel this would be a great style to work from, so I have decided to focus my work on sketches using back liner pen.


This is an image I found from google.

I really like this style of storyboards, so I feel I will use this style when creating my storyboard. All I need to do now, is think of a story I am going to tell through my storyboard..