So I have decided to use the letter T as the letter to animate in my GIF.

I have done some research on different styles of writing and typography of the letter T. I wanted to do this as I wanted to be clear on what style I wanted to portray in my GIF. I had done some research using google images and also on Pinterest.

My pinterest board led me onto looking at broken lettering. I was inspired by the unique style of showing the letter broken apart. I was also inspired by the colour used in some of the designs I had looked at. I wondered if I could re-create any of these styles to create a colourful broken design of the letter T. And how I would break it down.

I continued to look on google at different images. I was feeling really positive about this idea, I just needed to find the right inspiration so I would have a starting point.

I used Google images to fin these styles. All of the styles above had been broken apart and then formed together to create the shape of a specific letter. This is exactly what I wanted to do with the letter T for my GIF.

I had to find a style of font I liked in order for me to create my GIF. I again looked at google and pinterest to find these.


I also started to sketch out some font styles in the letter T format.


The above image are sketches I had done to give me an idea of different font styles which I could easily break up and put back together. I have decided to go with the simple ‘bubble’ writing font style to create my broken letter from. I look forward to creating a broken letter using the chosen style imaged below.