From never completing a storyboard before to then completing a full storyboard which tells the journey of my groups landmark journey is quite something for me.

I feel I am a fast learner which is why it did not take me long to get the hang of what I had to do. However, when I found out we were doing a storyboard in the very beginning I did panic quite a bit. I was worried about how good the drawings of renders had to be. I was worried about how I was going to show the journey through the individual smaller boards.

However. Since then I had done a lot of research into storyboards and what they should look like and what information they should hold (whether that be a comic strip, or -like mine- a journey). I feel much more confident with portraying my journey’s through storyboards now than what I felt like in the beginning.

I had discovered that every storyboard can be different in style. As long as that one style is carried through the whole storyboard then that’s what makes a storyboard individualistic. So all I really had to do was think about what style I was going to show. And I had decided on black and white sketching style. I was excited by this as I feel confident with doing sketches in black and white as they don’t show much detail and I like this style of design.

I then continued on to create my storyboard using the journey my group had made through the landmark project. This was a group project so I was excited to put my own twist on it for the individual project at hand now. I had to think of different ways I could show different events throughout the journey and this -for me- was going to be the challenge.