So I have progressed further in my Letters Home project, and I am really pleased with how I’ve come along with the idea. As I stated previously I wanted to cut out pieces of paper and photographing them coming together to create the shape of a letter T. So I had done this. I photographed some images of the cut out shapes and will show them below.

I really enjoyed this process. So I started to add in the photographs to photoshop, so I could create the GIF, I found this much easier to do, unlike creating the shapes digitally and adding them to the frame animation. I started to go through the process of adding frames and layers in photoshop, and I eventually (through some frustration) got to the end product of my GIF.

I am really pleased with how it has turned out. However, I feel there are some things which could be improved, like the lighting in some the photographs and the clarity of the shapes staying the same way, for each new step. I have also made a mistake with the format of the GIF. The brief asks for the format to be portrait and I have created it in landscape. I have really let myself down with this error and plan to focus more on the brief in future briefs so that I don’t make the same mistake again.


The GIF above is the GIF I had created on photoshop. I am really proud with how this has turned out, despite the small format error. I think I will maybe use this process of showing work in the future, as it shows a really process of things coming together and I really like this. Now that I feel more confident with the software I feel I will be more capable to do this with future projects.

Overall I am really happy with this final GIF design.