So I had realised I wanted to use sketching in black fine line pen as the style to carry out throughout my storyboard, and all I had to do was think of the process I was going to use.

I have since then, decided on what story or process I am going to do. I will tell the story of my groups Windmill Landmark and the journey we went through when creating this. I am really excited about using this as the base of my story as this was a group activity and I a know add it to an individual event and project.

I started sketching out some ideas of what kind of things I could include in my storyboard.


I had thought about who I wanted to include in this storyboard, where I wanted to include and why we had done the project. I want to try and tell all of these things through sketches.

So I started out by doing quick sketches and quick ideas of what kind of boards could be included in my design.


I knew we had to create a storyboard using a minimum of 8 boards, so I figured this would be a great place to start. I then moved onto creating small individual boards with sketched out ideas on. This is a great starting place for me as it gives me a really clear idea of what kind of sketches I want to include in my storyboard. I started by drawing the boards from board one to eight.

I really like the layout I had chosen to do in these designs pictured above. I will make this slightly better by adding a little more detail within some of the boards, and by adding black fine pen. I plan to use 0.1-0.8 fine line pens to show things in a range of thickness and importance. I really look forward to creating this next stage within my story board.