What on earth do we have to create? Why do we have to create it? I am so confused by the process of creating a dashboard and what has to be included in it.

We’ve just had a group tutorial with Ewan and I feel much more relaxed about what we have to create. We have to create a logo design and 4 icons which represent:

Animation Challenges

Type Glossary


and Galleries.

I feel much more relaxed about what I have to do now and feel I am more than capable to do this. I just need to go and do it. So I have created a pinterest board to have a look at various designs and colour schemes used within the design concept, and I look to use some of these as inspiration. The pinterest board is linked below.


I am nervous about creating this as I am unsure whether I want to draw my final design by hand or create it using digital software.

I will Experiment using sketches sketched by hand to see if I will be able to create a clear finish.