The 5th board on my storyboard is a sketch of our windmill landmark down at the discovery point, right in front of the building with the road behind. We also discovered while we were down at discovery that there is a windmill directly behind the building, this is a great link for us as we had created our own windmill. The fact that discovery has its own windmill gives us a greater meaning and purpose with deciding to go down to the discovery point to create social engagement. To begin with I think people were a bit shy with engaging with us and our landmark as they weren’t 100% sure what we were doing. However, it only took one person to speak to us before more people started to engage with us.


The 6th board on my landmark journey storyboard is about the social engagement we created down at the discovery point down at the water. The feedback we got back was really interesting as we had a variety of people speak to us. A lot of people thought that Dundee was changing and for the better. It was being given a renovation visually by the addition of the V&A and the regeneration of the railway station and Slessor Gardens. Sunny Dundee was also some feedback we got back. People from older generations that spoke to us about the regeneration in general, however younger people tended to skip over that and tell us about the weather in Dundee and the Tay Bridges. This was really interesting for us to realise , because the Tay Bridges had been around longer than the regeneration so we thought that young people would be more interested in the regeneration. The below image is a sketch of the 6th board from our landmark journey.


The 7th board on my landmark journey storyboard is about the social engagement we created down at the Union on Campus. We were really focused on creating a students perspective on Dundee so we thought the best way to do this would be down at the union (where most students would be). The feedback we got from the students was that Dundee was well known for its great pubs and clubs atmospheres. This was a great way for us to connect with the students we spoke to. When we had done our identity project at the very beginning we had realised that a few people already thought this about Dundee, however this really set this scene for us. A good variety of students who were from Dundee and those who were not from Dundee came and engaged with us and what we were doing within our project.


The final board on my storyboard is a picture of my MacBook in the studio. We had to write a blog about our findings and information and process within the landmark. This was a really good way for me to wrap up the project and the way we had worked in a team. I wanted to make sure that the final sketch was a sketch in the studio as I feel I work best in the studio. Also the first board on my journey map was sketched in the studio and I wanted to create this atmosphere through the storyboard.



Overall I have really enjoyed creating the storyboard and the process of research and development that came with it. I would definitely use this style of showing work again as I feel it really helps you work on your sketching and drawing skills. I have really enjoyed working on this as an individual considering the landmark project was a team effort.