Journey maps.

I have no clue what they are.

Pinterest. I feel I can always go to Pinterest to do research on things I’m not sure about. I have done this as part of my research for Journey Maps as I really don’t know where to start with this project. I have saved some things onto a pinterest board and have found things which I like visually, so I might try to pursue these designs when it comes to designing my own journey map.

I know what information has to be in the journey map from speaking to Jo, and from looking at the deliverables of the brief we were given. However, I feel very unsure about how I am going to show this as this is the first time I will be creating a journey map. I feel – now that I have done my research on pinterest – I can now start sketching out some ideas and creating a persona for me to use as my customer in the journey map.

I plan to go ahead and do the things I’ve said above. I want to try and either keep with the same style as my storyboard (sketchy in black fine liner pen) or create a more colourful creative journey map. I will experiment this through sketching.

As part of the journey map research we were asked to create a persona to work from and to add into our journey maps. I feel this was to help us get our minds into thinking from another persons point of view instead of thinking from our own point of view.

I have made up the persona of a lady called Fiona Edwards.


For me, this has been really helpful. It has been helpful because it allows my mind to think of someone else experiencing our landmark, instead of me experiencing it as I was one out of a group of 7 to create it. It allows me to think outside the box bout what things would they notice about the landmark and what things would they experience that I won’t have experienced.

I look forward to adding Fiona into my journey map and creating emotions and feelings about her.