So I want to know explain each small board within my storyboard.

My first small board is a sketch of my table in the studio. I decided to sketch this out with my team members around the table as this was one of the first things we done, and we had to do. We had to come up with our landmark and what that was going to be and why. We were writing down lots of ideas about what we could create. One thing we thought about creating was our version of the Caird Hall. We thought this was a good idea but soon we decided to create our final idea of the windmill. We wanted to create this to represent Dundee. We as a group (and from research we had done in our identity brief) had realised that Dundee is known for being windy and sunny. We then started to think of things that would represent Dundee in those weather conditions and we come up with a windmill. Below is the image of the first small board.


My second board is a sketch of the tables in the studio with paper over one of the tables. This is to show that we were sketching out our ideas of the windmill. What it would look like, and how big we wanted it to be. We were co
ming up with small sketches of different ideas. We did this in the studio as we all wanted to be together to get on with our sketching to ensure we all knew what it was we were creating. The image below is the board describing the above information.


The third board is 2 sketches as at this point we had split off into 2 different groups so that we could use our time efficently and get on with actually making our model. The girls were cutting out the propellers and painting them white. We decided to paint them white so that we could show our social engagement (which we were hoping to get) more easily, as we had thought that the pens we had for people to use may not show up well straight onto the cardboard. This was really good for us as we were able to think about one thing and trust that the other half of the group were doing the same thing and getting on well. We wanted this to be a team effort so this is another reason why we split up for a day. The boys were focusing on the body of the windmill. They wanted it to be big and to stand out to the crowd. This we felt would attract more people to come and talk to us. The image below is the third board on my storyboard.


The fourth board describes the day we had finished our windmill landmark and we were thinking about where we were going to take it to create social engagement. We had a few ideas of different places around Dundee we could take it. The City Centre being one. However we were discussing this idea and we couldn’t really figure out a proper reason as to why we would take it to the centre of the town. We had then started talking about the river and how windmills work best in the wind. Down by the water is always so windy (especially in Dundee) so we thought we could take it down to the water. This then led us on to the Discovery Point. It’s at the side of the road (this is a busy environment so we thought people would want to take part in writing about what they thought represented Dundee. We were also thinking of taking down to the union on campus as getting a students perspective of Dundee was really important to us. Below is an image of the board describing the above information.