So in our Ways of Making module yesterday, we were told we’d be working with cardboard, so I assumed we’d have to do a similar project to the one we done using the clay..A nice, small, fun project.

Oh was I wrong..

We have been given three weeks to make a full size baby buggy, made completely from cardboard. A baby buggy. All the fun intricate poles, footrest, hood, handle and frame all from cardboard. To begin with I thought Martin was kidding us on, I didn’t think he was serious. Turns out he is serious.

My first thoughts were ‘how is this even possible?’ ‘This is going to be a nightmare’. However, once we were split into our new groups I felt more at ease with the project. We have three weeks to complete the project, and then we have to upload a reflective blog on our journey through the project. I don’t think anyone in my team knew where to start, it was a bit overwhelming. I saw other teams grab cardboard and they were starting to cut thing out, and I was worried because we didn’t even have a plan of what we were going to start with.

So we started discussing the different parts of the buggy and how many people it would take to build each part and how long it would take to build each part. We started to think of the easiest way to start this project and we discovered that the easiest way – for us – would be to start with the actual frame of the buggy. So we went over to the buggy and started to measure out different lengths of the frame. We started to number each pole on the frame so we knew which length was for which bit – as it had to look and be the same size as the real buggy.

Looking back this was a great way for us to start, as we knew exactly what we had to get done in the time given yesterday, we knew what we were going to be cutting out and building. We decided to go with the frame of the buggy, as we wanted to make the task as easy for us as possible, as we were only given three weeks to complete it. We figured once we had the frame built we could then add to that and build around that instead of having lots of little bits made and having to fit them all in together.

We started to measure out cardboard and we worked as a team to cut the right pieces and lengths we needed.






This was a great strategy for us, as it was a time we were working together and getting to know each other more, but also it gave us the chance to work together and get started on the creation of our cardboard buggy.