More about our buggy making.

My group had spent some time trying to create cubed tubes which would represent the poles and the frame work for our buggy. We were measuring our lines for the four walls of our tubes on the cardboard and using the scalpel and stanley knives to cut the pieces off or score the cardboard, which we thought was the best way to get the cardboard to fold into four, to create the tube. img_2449

It wasn’t until the technician from the workshop – who was in studio helping each group create their buggy, said that if we added water to the cardboard it would soften the material and make it a bit easier to fold into our tube shape. So we got a basin of water onto the table and started adding water onto the creases we had already made on the cardboard.


This worked fantastically with the cardboard and the creating of our tubes. So were eventually able to create our tubes and stick masking tape around them, so that they would hold their shape while we went for lunch.


I then had a workshop induction in the afternoon, so I was unable to continue the work with the rest of my group, however, I was sent pictures of the work they had done and progressed with. One problem we had come across was how they were going to stick together and hold once we took the masking tape off, as we knew this looked tacky and not appealing to the eye. So they had come up with a solution to create little walls which we would glue to the inside of the tube, this was the tube would stick together and look good too.

I am quite excited to catch up with the rest of my group next week and discuss what they had achieved and discuss how we are going to move forward, I am aware this project is a team project, so we all have to be as involved as possible.

So my opinion of the cardboard buggy is slowly changing. I still feel this is going to be a challenge but I am more excited about the process now. I really look forward to next Thursday and see where the day and our creative minds take us.