Back to our Picture, Symbol, Icon module I decided to take some ideas further and photograph them as part of an assignment from Ewan. We had to look at objects in a different way and photograph them in a minimalist way, which we could use as a poster to represent a phrase or word.

I decided I would think of light, as I had photographed a candle and battery to show a change in time and technology. I decided I wanted to continue working with the idea of light, and bringing light to something. I decided I would photograph an inhaler with the lightbulb. To me this represents the phrase ‘Light of my life’. Inhaler can give life to someone when they are struggling to breath and the lightbulb can give light to something in the dark. img_6917

After I had taken the photograph I noticed that the inhaler looked like an ‘L’, which also could represent life. I also realised that the lightbulb I had used in the photograph doesn’t really show it’s a lightbulb. I really like this idea, so I am going to use this idea and develop it further. I plan to use a rounded lightbulb to get more of an idea of light. I also plan to think of the colour of background, and if the white background (pictured above) is too simple. I am questioning myself about it, and figuring out if I need to change the colour.

I also want to photograph the objects in better light, so I am able to photograph the objects directly above. I will also think about the wording.

Do I need to add in the phrase ‘Light of my life’?

Do I need to think about the kind of typography – if any – used in the poster.

I really like this idea, so after a tutorial with Ewan, I plan to take his advice on board, and think about the ideas I have to take it further.

I have also developed my other idea from last week. ‘In at the deep end’. I made a sketch of what I wanted it to look like and the feedback I got from Ewan, was that it was too illustrative so I took that feedback on board and developed the idea further using actual objects. I had the idea of showing the deep end of a pool (as I liked the idea of using water to show a deep end).


This shows a glass full of water and a pen pointing down at the deep end. However from conversation with other people in my class, I have decided to develop this further and place small weights in the bottom of the glass to show how heavy they are staying down at the deep end.