As I said in a previous blog about Dundee, I would create a questionnaire to take to the people of Dundee to identify how they saw Dundee ten+ years ago and how they see Dundee today. I have had several answers, but I felt I would write about this person’s answers as they are hopeful of a new Dundee and really see how the identity of Dundee is changing. And that is what this project is about.


This person had lived in the city of Dundee, their whole life – 54 years. That shows me that they have seen a lot change in Dundee over that time, whether it be big changes, or smaller changes. I was so excited to here that they see Dundee as ‘somewhere that is changing for the better’. This makes me really excited, because it shows how there obviously needs to be change in Dundee, and that change is happening now, and it’s happening for a good reason.

When I asked this person what their view on Dundee was five+ years ago, they said the city lacked in civic pride and felt more like a tired, run down town. From my point of view I don’t see Dundee as that today, which proves to me that exiting, new change is happening in Dundee. Their view of Dundee had changed in the past five+ years because of city planning improvements. They said that Dundee now feels like an aspirational place to live. This to me, shows how the future of Dundee will change from now and become more exciting than already planned.

I was interested to find out if the parts of Dundee, which once identified Dundee, still play a part in the identification of Dundee. Their reply was that, the historical parts of Dundee – like the old-jute industry, journalism (Desperate Dan sculpture), The Tay Bridge and Verdant Works still play a part in the identification of Dundee, which is great to hear, as I often thought that those parts of Dundee might be fading out, because of the new V&A museum. I asked this person if they thought there were other things which would be seen to Identify Dundee today. They proudly answered that art, games design and Dundee University are a major part in the identification of Dundee today. This was great to hear (not only because I am a design student at Dundee University ) but because I have found out some changing identities within the city, and this is what I had to find out as part of the project.

I wanted to find out the impact the regeneration of the waterfront, railway station and the construction of the V&A was having today. I had found out that it was having a big impact on the cities identity already (ah yes, more change within the cities identity). They thought that the regeneration project was excellent so far, but did have concerns over the further commercial development of the waterfront. This answer took me by surprise, as I hadn’t really thought of how the V&A would effect the commercial side of Dundee. I was happy to hear that they thought the regeneration, once completed, would effect the city massively, and hopefully attract visitors and further investment within Dundee.


Had this person’s view of Dundee changed?

Had the city lost or gained anything?

This person’s view of Dundee had changed. For the better. They felt that the city has gained a new sense of pride!

So, in comparison to their view on Dundee ten+ years ago, their view had changed. They felt that the V&A was making a difference and a big one at that.