Today in Picture, Symbol, Icon we we were given yet another brief. This brief – funnily enough – links to identity. I can see myself looking out for different forms of identity in all of the different briefs. I actually enjoyed the project in the afternoon to do with this brief.


We had to produce several ideas which would show people in the city what they could do in a specific ‘zone’. The sign post has to use three colours and three colours only. For me, to begin with I thought of this as a challenge as I like the use of colour, and showing detail to pictures through colour and shading of colours. So this for me will be the biggest challenge within the project. IMG_2501.JPG

I like the simplicity that these two road signs show so this will be something I hope to incorporate within my road sign design. From talking in my reading group about different ‘activity zones’ and what activities (Which is not already a trend) could be held within a specific zone in the city.

We came up with a range of activities and a zone which would be a form of identity. One idea of an activity zone we came up with was a trampolining zone. Whether that be a big trampoline suitable for more than one person, or if it would be a trampoline zone which has several mini trampolines spotted around the zone. I like the idea of having several single mini trampolines and being together in the zone but also having independence within your own trampoline.



I plan to think about my idea further, and what colours I would use within the sign post. I will hopefully be sketching out some more ideas with the use of colour added and blog about them, and then come up with a final design and will make this fully rendered to a high standard, ready for submission next Friday – 7th October.