Well no guessing on what this post will be about. Sketching. In Dundee. I had time in class to go out into the city and really find out what kind of city we were studying in. I was so excited, as I had grown up around Dundee my whole life, so was excited to see what I would find.

We headed out to the centre of the city, and ended up walking around The MacManus Galleries. It was a beautiful day, so we thought it would be a good time, to take time, think about the city we were in, reflect on what we had photographed on the walk there. I had my sketchbook with me, and I wanted to take full advantage of sketching some really interesting buildings and statues around the centre. I was so interested in the exterior f the building of the Galleries. It was such a big, extravagant building, with amazing brick work. I have to admit it kind of reminded me of Hogwarts.

I wanted to work on my sketching skills, for as much as I like sketching. I find it quite hard to do it quite quickly, as I love drawing and making things look realistic and taking the time to do so. But I wanted to challenge myself, so I gave myself 15 minutes to sketch out the above sketches. I was surprised at how this really helped me create a quick sketch of what I was looking at. I was amazed at how realistic I had managed to make it look with just 15 minutes to complete. On reflection of this challenge, I think it worked great, as it helped me, so I will definitely be doing this way of sketching again.

I also wanted to try to incorporate different materials in my sketches, so I used pencil (no rubber was used), and then a fine line black pen. I am very used to using these two materials, so that part I found easier. We then took a walk round to the Caird Hall, and city square. We were aware that the city square had been revamped and updated to suit the new modern look of the city. I was wanting to try and capture some images of the new look , but I also wanted to sketch from the city square.


I wanted to use colour in these sketches, as I wanted to make them feel bright and clean, just like the new atmosphere within the square. Again I gave myself a very short amount of time to sketch out one of the fountains, in the square, so I gave myself 5 minutes to complete this sketch. From spending the time on the sketches of the MacManus Galleries, I felt  bit more confident in spending 5 minutes on the fountain. I had sketched out the initial shapes in the yellow pen, and then added the blue to show the reflecting water, but I wanted there to be an initial shape within the quick yellow pen strokes, so I used my fine liner to get the original shape clearly visible to the eye.


As we wanted to capture the identity of Dundee through photographs and sketches, we decided to go up Law Hill, as we would get an excellent view of the whole city from there. I was amazed at the city, from up there. We were able to see absolutely everything. From a hill in Newtyle to Broughty Ferry. I was just amazed. So we spent time up there, taking photographs, and focusing on some parts of Dundee. I really wanted to capture the monument in a sketch. Again I wanted to use pen – fine line and a new material of that day, thicker pen and coloured pen (fine line and thick). I wanted to incorporate the Tay Bridge into the drawing to give a sense of where we actually were, and just how high up we actually were.