I have a final design and design method for my navigational cube. I have created a cube which will allow new people – particularly students – to find their way around Dundee and find the best and cheapest places to eat, clubs and pubs. It will also allow them to look for places around Dundee which will enable them to learn something about the culture of Dundee.

I have really enjoyed doing this project and the process I went through to get to my final design. I thought this project would be easy to begin with, however I soon realised it was going to be far from that. It involved much more thought and clarity than I had expected. The idea in my head of having a rubik’s cube that would lead people around a city was clear in my head from day one, however I have had to overcome many things to get to my final navigational cube which I have now.

At one point in the design process I had wanted to incorporate a handle for my cube to allow to user to see a small map of the route they decided to take. However this idea was soon shut down when I realised that the cube wouldn’t turn all the way round like I wanted it to, when a handle was attached to the bottom of it. So I had to come up with ways I could work around that, and I eventually got the idea of having a home start face on the cube, which would be touchscreen and would allow the user to decide which route they would want to go on.

My final design includes three different routes and, like I said above, a touchscreen home face, which the user would interact with to choose which route they decide to take. It will also include LED lighting within the cube to allow specific squares to light up to show the direction that the user would need to take in order to complete the chosen route. It will also have the ability to physically twist and rotate in the same way a rubik’s cube would. This feature will allow the user to follow their route as the squares will eventually meet up in line after the direction has been given.

The images above are ones I have taken to show the steps the user would go through when using the navigational cube.

Overall I am very pleased with my final design and this project in general. I feel I have achieved and learnt lots by completing this project.

I look forward to the next challenges within the next theme.