So we had to come up with ways of digitally connected the residents of our luxury hostel.

One way we wanted to connect the residents was through an interactive screen on each level. This would be a free standing TV screen and would be on wheels, so it could be moved about the social area within our concept. The idea behind the interactive screen is that everyone in the luxury hostel (regardless of what floor they are on) will be able to look at a profile set up of each resident. There will be a home menu where the user can interact with the screen and touch what level they would like to look at, then from there decide on what person they want to find information about. This is creating a social engagement but digitally connecting the people together.

We have the idea of the moving walls which was inspired by Gary Chang and his design of the 24 apartments within 1 room.

This is a video which shows the inspiration behind our moving walls.

The social engagement behind our moving walls allows the residents to engage with each other and encourage them to leave their pod and enjoy their time with their flatmates. i really like this idea and is encourages people to spend time together, as the pods aren’t that big and the social space is much bigger. Especially because people can travel between each floor and visit people who don’t actually stay on that floor.