So as I said before, we had noticed a small issue with the toilet cubicles. The walls weren’t high enough. So we solved this issue by adding a bit more kappa board on the top of each separator, so that the height would be acceptable.


The above image is one I had taken to show the added height to the bathroom separators.

I think we worked well as a team to come up with a solution to the issue, we had some great discussions about whether we do the toilets again or if we just alter the error. I was quite happy with the decision we made and how we fixed it by adding extra kappa board to the top.

So all that we had to do now was glue everything in and add it all into the model. This was the part that was going to be most fun, as we would gradually see all of our pieces come together and be connected in the model.

We started by arranging everything onto the model and figuring out the best place for everything to go. This worked really well, and slowly object by object we started gluing the things down.


The above images, are ones I had taken of the model.

So once we had everything glued in and in place, all we had to do was add in the structural walls to give our model a real finished look. Once we had done this I was really excited about getting the concept boards completed.


The above images are final images I had taken of our finished model.

Some of the images show each individual pod, some show the social space in the middle and how the sofas have changed position.

I am really excited to work on the concept boards, and the design of our profile interactive screen.