So today was the day where we pitched our concept. I felt prepared for what I was going to say to describe our concept, however nerves got the better of me at the time and I stumbled and didn’t say (in detail) all the things that I wanted to say. I was disappointed in myself for doing this, however the rest of the team backed me up and explained the rest of the concept and the contents of our design. Looking back on this, I feel we worked well as a team when it came to the presentation as the rest of the team did back me up after I stumbled. However, I feel over the whole process we worked well as a team to create a fantastic design aimed for people who are travelling and experiencing new cultures. We wanted our design to really have this new social, new culture feel and style to it and I feel we achieved this well.


Our design process worked well for us. We discussed ideas and different concepts. We thought of a final concept. We sketched and sketched. We then started making. We started to create our 3D physical model. The whole time we were doing this, we worked well as team and made sure that everyone felt involved with the project at hand. There was one girl who never turned up, however we felt like we were coping with the 4 of us in our group. This was really important for us as we knew we were all competent people who had great design ideas and great skills. I felt I played a part in the team and contributed well in the whole process. We as a group had lots of discussions to make sure that we were all included.

One thing I have learned is that I should worry less about presenting our concept or idea. This is something which I know will come with time, but I feel it is something I really want to work on and get better at. I feel I would try to create more digital ideas for our model and concept. I feel if we had a presentation of a digital walk through to back up our visual physical model then the presentation would have been better. I really liked the fact that our model was sturdy and we could tilt it to allow the audience to see what was inside of our model and what the floor plan looked like. I think our concept was quite unique and the inspiration we had was brilliant.

I would definitely do this again, however I would appreciate more time in the future. I feel if we had had an extra couple of weeks then some aspects of our physical model could have been better, however overall I am pleased and happy with the progress and contribution I made within the team.