What a welcome back to Semester 2 we had. We were split into groups with 2nd and 3rd years from Social Digital to follow a brief called Traverse. I was quite anxious about this as I didn’t really know any of the 2nd or 3rd years from Social Digital. I also didn’t really know what the brief would include to begin with. However, all was made clear when we met others from our groups and were given a presentation on what we had to do.

We had to consider the disabled accessibility within the our own 2 DJCAD buildings. I have always been interested in working with disability charities, to help people with all disabilities overcome day-to-day struggles that they face. So this for me seemed like it would be a great project. I wanted to really to focus on what the brief was wanting us to complete. The people in my team seemed quite focused and motivated – which settled my nerves about not really knowing anyone.

We started by taking a walk around both of the DJCAD buildings to point out any flaws. I had assumed this would be a difficult thing to do as I had assumed that the disabled access within the buildings would be up to a good standard. However, I was far from right. I was appalled at how bad the disabled access was within the buildings. It made me feel very sad and helped gain an insight as to how frustrating and depressing it must be (for someone who has a disability) when they cannot get to where they want/need to go. 16118456_1423660207646818_1650779909_n

We started looking at the flaws within the buildings, and started to brain storm some paths we could go down. We had realised that the wheelchair access within the two buildings was appalling, however we were interested in aiding the visually impaired as we had noticed that there was hardly any brail around the buildings.

We started to go down the route of finding a solution to help a visually impaired person find their way around the building. We started to think about the senses a visually impaired person has and how their other senses become stronger with the loss of their sight sense. We realised that a visually impaired person would be able to differenciate between lots of materials.  16118097_1612466018768891_1708366569_nSome materials we had found in the studio are pictured above.

These materials helped us progress into creating different patterns and textures through using blue foam prototypes. We started cutting into the blue foam to create textures which would be easy to tell apart. 16128952_1214289278655564_895459463_n

We had kind of come to a halt with the project at this stage. Our minds went blank and we couldn’t figure out a way to bring the project back so it connected with the brief.