By day two of the design sprint we had, had time to think and process our ideas and were able to come back in on the Tuesday morning feeling refreshed and ready to make our project brilliant. We really wanted to try our best to find a great outcome to help visually impaired people get around DJCAD.

We started to think about our blue foam prototypes and think about how we could develop these into a strong, well developed project. We had to finalise what patterns we would use in our final product and how these would help a visually impaired person. We wanted each different patter to lead the way to a different department/area of the buildings. The patterns would run along the walls so that the user would be able to use their touch sense to find the way to their destination. 16128098_1424450654234440_4489176_n.jpg

We wanted to figure out if our patterns would be user friendly before we made any final adjustments, so we blindfolded Amy from our team and found that she could figure out the different patterns and what each pattern represented.


We decided as a group that as we had tested our patterns then it would be user friendly, so we should create a final project model of our pattern paths. Some of the group went down to the MAKE lab to create laser cut versions of our patterns on plywood. This would be the perfect way to showcase our idea for the exhibition. 16143934_1424450557567783_1953205434_n.jpg

We had gotten our exhibition set up and we were overall quite happy with our take on commutative design and aiding those in need of help. I feel we may have rushed certain parts of our project as we lost focus at the end of day 1 however, we tried our best to reign it back in and create something we were proud of. Working with the laser cutter was something I had never done before, so I was happy to use that in this project as a little taster of what 2nd year plus would be like.