I have come up with a final design of what my journey map will look like. This is pictured below.


I went with a curvy and flowing style. The style I have gone with allows me to create the journey on what could resemble a road. I plan to have different checkpoints along the journey, and I want these to represent different stages within the journey. Whether that be the very beginning stage or the stage where there is social engagement happening. I had to look back at our navigation brief to refocus my mind on what we found out and what interested us at the time of the landmark project.

I realised that one thing was apparent was that Dundee was known for being sunny and it was changing. So I wanted to think of a way I could incorporate these things into my designs. Originally I wanted to keep with the same style as my storyboard and create a black and white sketchy style, however Dundee is changing so why cant my ideas?

I had thought about colour, and changing colour. I realised I could add colour to the almost snake like design and the colour could change to the next colour which would appear on the colour wheel. This is definitely something I want to add into my design as I feel it would create another style to go with the curves I have already created.