I had thought a lot about what stages of the journey I wanted to include on my map. I had initially come up with 5 stages however, on reflection of this I had decided I wanted to add in a stage of reflection of my character, to emphasise the effect the landmark had on her and the way it would change her feelings and emotions of that day. I was really excited by this new addition to the stages.

Now I had final 6 stages of the journey:

  1. Before.
  2. On Arrival
  3. First Engagement
  4. During Engagement
  5. Leaving
  6. Reflecting.

I was excited to incorporate these into my design journey map. All I had to do was create experiences to fit with my character. I wanted to include things about her feelings and emotions. Therefore feelings was added to the list of things to talk about. As was body language as I wanted to really get the personality of the character Fiona across in my journey map. I wanted people to actually think about her and the way she would be portraying herself in the situation when engaging with the landmark.

I also wanted to add in her thoughts. This was really important and this is really where we would find out what she was thinking at each stage of the journey. What was going through her mind. Did she want to engage with the group and landmark or was she not wanting to?

So I had 3 things to show in each stage of the journey:

  1. Feelings
  2. Body Language
  3. Thoughts.

All I had to do now was go ahead and create the final design map. This was going to be the scary part for me, as I wasn’t doing it digitally, I was doing it by hand, so I knew it had to be right and I couldn’t get it wrong without having to start the whole thing over. I was feeling lots of pressure at this stage. But I knew I could do the work if I really put my mind to it. I really want to try to add my own personal touch to my journey map.