I have created the final dashboard design for the letters home concept brief. I am overall really happy with how it has turned out. I have stuck to using 3/4 colours, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning as I wanted to create a simple and minimalistic design. I had decided this from research I had done on app designs and dashboard layouts.


I wanted to play on the word letters in the title. So I added a post box and a map and lettering as I felt all of these things related to letters. Whether that be letters travelling from person to person around the world of letters of the alphabet. Either way I am really pleased with this design. I like how I used circles as the touch buttons for each icon. It is a modern way of showcasing photographs etc.

I would definitely try to be more inventive with the use of colour if I was to do this project again, as on reflection restricting myself to using 3/4 colours maybe wasn’t the best idea for this project. However, I have learned from this and will change this in the future.

I am proud of this design as using digital software is not a strength of mine, so I am glad I stuck at it digitally instead of giving up and creating it by hand.