So I have experimented with some designs of various journey maps I have looked into. I saw some which resembled graphs:


However, I didn’t like this style of journey map, so I decided to focus on more curvy journey maps and I have done some sketches based on this style of journey map.

I will use the road effect pictured in an image above as inspiration as I feel I like the style of this journey map. I plan to add in my characters opinions and emotions throughout the landmark journey and I feel (for me) the best way to do this is to create curves within the design of the map. It will allow me to have space in the twists of the curves to write down things my character is feeling or thoughts they might have at that time in the journey.

I plan to go ahead and think of a final design for the map.

I also plan to think out some ideas of thoughts, feelings and some body language the character might be feeling at certain checkpoints within the journey. I really am enjoying this project as I feel I can really add my personality to the journey map and create something which I am proud of. So I look forward to the next step in creating this.